Football camps

Football Camp in Sochi on summer vacations

Excellent location of the hotel, near to the sea and the main sights such as Red Glade, rafting, fishing, jeep tours and much more. Boys and girls from different cities of Russia and other countries, new friends, new impressions and always new programs from the "Planet of Sports". 

You will be can to enjoy amazing views of the mountains and the sea, have a great vacation with your child, watching his training and riding with him to entertainment events.


Football camp in Sochi during the fall and winter vacation

Football camps Planet of Sports is always a professional approach to business, the serious of training and an excellent result in the end. In fall and winter, people come to us to change the situation, relax at sea, in a warm climate and work hard on football fields. A serious shake-up for real athletes is secure! For more information, follow the link.


Football camp Planet of Sports in Evpatoria

The excellent complex with 4 natural and artificial fields, a good hotel and buffet food. The sea is 5 minutes away by car or an awesome swimming pool with Jacuzzi and steam rooms everyday! Indeed, the Planet of Sports have only professionals and responsible people work for us.


Football PRO camp in Bakhchisarai

One or two shift  with selected guys at a football base surrounded by mountains. 4 training a day and theory, games with opponents 2-3 years older. Especially for those who want to get the result of training. However, the sea and trips on excursions will also be! The Planet of Sports conducts a preliminary selection of children in the PRO camps: these are the most hardworking and worthy players from FC Stolitsa, or the players who have passed and showed excellent results in testing the Planet of Sports, or having noticed a diligent child in our camp.