The Planet of Sport

Planet of Sports is a dynamically developing company that has been training, developing and testing the football skills of individual players and teams for more than 15 years. The founders of the company are professional football players and coaches with the great experience, serious achievements and players in Russian and foreign national teams and clubs!

The main goal of the company "The Planet of Sports" is the child is enthusiasm for sports and a healthy lifestyle, increasing the level of physical development, improving the skills of boys and girls from different cities and countries.The main equipment we use is the organization of football training camps, testing, individual training and trips to tournaments of national teams. The Planet of Sports has founded its own football school FC Stolitsa in 2023 years!

Football camps

Daily intensive training according to a specially designed program gives children the opportunity to master new football skills in a short time and bring them to a high level.

The child is gaining shape, strengthens is self-discipline , grows interest in sports. At the same time, our football camp is not only intensive training, but also a different of leisure and active recreation for children - we organize the most interesting entertainment for children: fishing in the sea, yachting, rafting on rivers, trips to farms, picnics in nature, a water park and much more.

Camps are organized in different parts of Russia and abroad during the summer, fall and winter vacations. More information about our camps can be found in the Football Camps.


"The Planet of Sport" annually conducts professional testing of the functional condition of all qualities of football players of any age. Testing is organized for everyone in different regions of Russia from St. Petersburg and Moscow to Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. PRO-testing is a large set of tests - a deep analysis of the physical development of a football player, which allows us to conclude what qualities a player needs to improve that to raise the level. This is a huge help in the work of a coach. Any athlete who has passed the test receives the results of the level of development of physical and technical qualities, which are  in a special table. According to the results of the tests, children are given recommendations for further improvement of certain qualities.

National Academies of the Planet

The football players who have successfully passed the test receive invitations to participate in PRO camps and elite tournaments as part of the National Academy of the Planet in Russia and abroad. This gives children a huge energy and goal study even harder: to play on equal terms with the academies of Marseille, Besiktas, Barcelona and other clubs is to gain serious experience and self–confidence!

Individual training

We conduct individual football training in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg and other cities. Our coaches correct mistakes in technique, adjust to the correct running, improve coordination, strength, speed and endurance.

The Football School

The result was the opening of its own football club Stolitsa in the autumn of 2023 in Moscow. A huge number of boys and girls who have been coming to our camps for many years will become an integral part of the team of the future school. And the most advanced techniques and technologies will allow them to always be the leaders, improve the training of football players, open new branches and create an adult team ability of seriously competing in the leagues of the Russian football Championship.

We have better!