How to join us

  You have come to the page of a football club of very ambitious people who know all the subtleties of player development from the youngest beginner level to preparatory groups and improvement groups. We give professional knowledge to our children and we want the same return from them: hard worker, perseverance, passion, strong and endurance. We invite you to become a member of our big family to move forward together and achieve the top in your favorite sport!

We're training. From on September to May inclusive, excluding vacation time, during which we usually organize strong football camps where it is sunny, warm and comfort! For kids, trainings are conduct in a closed arena with artificial grass 2 times a week for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The older guys train three times a week in the arena and on the street and have 1 or 2 games.

A week is free. We understand perfectly well how difficult it's to decide with a small child where he will go and where he will like it. To do this, we made the first week of visits free of charge: you can come to 2-3 trainings, see how much the child is enthusiastic, how he got along with the  of the guys, whether he is used to the coach and if he no longer wants to, then calmly leave - no one will charge you pay. If you stay, this week will be included in the subscription.

Application. To start attending trainings you need to make an appointment by phone +7 921 891 7940 or leave a request on our website using a special form. All data must be up-to-date, as it will go into the body of the contract between FC "The Capital" and you. We guarantee the safety of your personal data, the confidentiality of correspondence and the absence of spam. After the application, the manager will contact you and set a viewing date. After completing the trial period, you will be asked to purchase a subscription.

Season ticket. We have different season tickets. This is done for maximum loyalty to our customers. If you know that you will only go for a certain period, then we will be able to offer you a subscription for as many months as you need. The validity of any subscription ends at the end of May, so if you came to us for the first time in December, we will offer you a subscription for 6 months. In addition, you have the opportunity to pay for study at the football school of the much cheaper than with a monthly payment. Those customers who visit us for 9 months or more receive a special discount on the renewal of the subscription. And we also have an installment payment for a subscription and the freezing of trainings due to illness or vacation. For more information about the payment options for classes at our school, see the Prices section of our website.

References. You will need to provide a certificate that the child is admitted to football trainings no later than the first  training after we conclude the contract and you make a subscription payment. You can bring a certificate to the coach or send us a photo of it by mail . The certificate is actual for 9 months.

Payment. All expenses of the school, and they aren't  small, are covered by paying for  trainings. There will be an invoice with a payment schedule in your contract - we ask you to make the payment on time. Otherwise, the lease will not be extended to us or your coach will receive wages with delays.

Equipment. When your football player gets quite comfortable, you'll need to buy equipment. The uniform obliges and disciplines the guys, allows them to feel like a part of the club, so we have clear rules regarding appearance in football trainings, attending training sessions and much more. In uniform, the guys train, conduct friendly and calendar games of the championship.

Participation in the life of a football club. It's crucial to us that the club grows and strong with you. Our goal is to create a main team, train students there and build our own base for the guys. Don't be afraid of us without feedback and your suggestions. Every year we'll ask your opinion about training, staff, places of study, games, uniforms and much more. Even the logo of our school is made taking into account the opinion of parents! You'll always have a voice and they will definitely listen to it. In the feedback form, you can anonym send your question or suggestion to the management.