1. General provisions

1.1. These rules regulate the rights and obligations of Sport Planet LLC (hereinafter FC Stolitsa) in relation to the child and the Parent (legal representative) (hereinafter the parent) for the period of study at FC Stolitsa, and also determine the order of stay of the child and his accompanying (club members) in training sessions.

1.2. FC Stolitsa accepts children aged from 4 to 13 years inclusive who don't  have medical contraindications.

1.3. Initial reception to FC Stolitsa is made on the basis of the following actions and documents:

a) a completed and sent application on the website www.fcstolica.ru confirming agreement with these rules and the public offer agreement regulating the relationship between the Parents and FC Stolitsa (publicly available on the website),

b) a medical certificate confirming that the child hasn't contraindications for playing football, which the Parent must provide during a week after the start of the child's attendance of the session. Medical admission to sessions is provided by the Parent annually. The Parent is obliged to inform the coach about serious changes in the child's condition,

c) payment for training by transferring the fee to the company's current account. The types of season tickets and the cost of trainings fees are listed in the Prices section of the official website of FC Stolitsa (www.fcstolica.ru ). By paying for season tickets, the costs of renting fields and halls, salary, equipment, inventory and much more are repaid.

1.4. The Parent agrees to the futher use of FC Stolitsa and third parties connected with FC Stolitsa by partnership and contractual relations (hereinafter named to as "Partners"), their data and the data of the child for the following purposes:

collection, systematization and safety of information about FC Stolitsa members;

spread of information about the work of FC Stolitsa in the form of publications in various print media, other media, as well as on the Internet resources of FC Stolitsa and it's Partners dedicated to education, sports, recreation, recreation and leisure of children and youth (without posting personal data, registration addresses and phone numbers in the specified media).

receiving information about the work, services and promotions of FC Stolitsa and Partners in the form of SMS messages and e-mail distribution the phone number and e-mail specified in the Contract.

for the use of FC Stolitsa and it's Partners of individual and group photos, videos and other images of the child recorded on material media created during the training sessions, through the placement (publication) of visual accompaniment in special magazines, booklets, posters, other printed materials and media, as well as at exhibitions, on the Internet-resources of FC Stolitsa and it's Partners in order to popularize FC Stolitsa.

1.5. The Parent has the right at any time to revoke his consent to the futher use by FC Stolitsa and/or Partners of the personal data of the Parent and child specified in clause 1.5. by sending FC Stolitsa a written notice of revoke.

1.6. The Parent is obliged not to interfere with FC Stolitsa in the exercise of their rights to all photo and video materials created during the work of FC Stolitsa. The exclusive rights to all created photo and video materials belong to FC Stolitsa and cannot be published by third parties without link to the original source.

1.7. Only the manager of FC Stolitsa makes a joint informed decision on the transfer of a player from group to group, on the change of coach, the appointment of a coach to a particular group.

2. Preparing the child for classes

2.1. Each parent should prepare their child for classes: inform  him with the General rules of attending classes of a child in FC Stolitsa, check his personal clothes and things, equipment, which must be clean, marked so that it is clear whose uniform if it is found by another person.

2.2. Parents inform the child about the get of valuables (phones, cameras, watches, gold jewelry, etc.) need to the coach. The coach and FC Stolitsa aren't responsible for valuables that haven't been deposited.

3. Stay in training

3.1. In case of any signs of fire, the child must immediately leave the room or the territory of classes and inform any adult.

3.2. The child (teenager) is obliged to be with the team at the lesson, independent leave from the lesson isn't allowed. Also, the child must warn the coach about the need to leave the class (toilet, call, etc.). The child may not participate in any tasks or activities for objective reasons (illness, doctor's ban).

3.3. In case of deterioration of health, the child MUST immediately inform the coach. The parent is notified by the coach in case of deterioration of the child's health, which is accompanied by a call for an emergency ambulance or an appeal to an inpatient medical institution.

3.4. Each child is obliged to take care of the property of other children and the property of FC Stolitsa. If the inventory is lost due to negligence or pranks, the cost is collected from the player or players;

3.5. Every child is obliged to observe the rules of behavior in public places (profanity, moral and physical insult to the person, incitement of national discord isn't allowed, manifestations of racism).

3.6. The child is obliged to attend classes only in the equipment of FC Stolitsa. Any color changes, logos, sponsor advertisements on the equipment aren't allowed. In case of loss of equipment or part of it, the Parent is obliged to buy a new one.

3.7. Any conflicts between children or parents  are solution within the club

3.8. The child must observe, and the Parent (legal representative) of the child must promote:

  • healthy sleep and rest, general and individual training regimen, nutrition, participation in competitions;
  • the care of the child about his health and personal hygiene, strict implementation of therapeutic and prophylactic procedures as prescribed by a doctor;
  • cancel to use medical drugs, pharmacological agents and methods of stimulation of working capacity, without consulting a medical professional of FC Stolitsa;
  • observance by the child of moral and ethical norms of behavior in the process of educational and training work and in everyday life;
  • careful relation to sports equipment, inventory and sports uniforms;
  • on time and regular attendance of trainings and games;

3.9 The child or parents must observe with the following rules for members of FC Stolitsa:

  • warn the coach in advance if the player can't come to training or is late for it;
  • wearing jewelry during training and games proscribe; Permanent earrings must be sealed with a medical plaster;
  • members of FC Stolitsa should worthily present FC Stolitsa and its sponsors;
  • in case,if a player's in school performance is unsatisfactory, it is necessary to take measures together with parents, which can range from a warning to removal from participating in training or competitions for a while;
  • without the resolution of the coach, players are proscribe from taking part in football events not organized by FC Stolitsa;
  • trainings are conduct under any circumstances and weather, unless the coach himself has warned otherwise;
  • the player shouldn't training or plays with an injury or a temperature;
  • wearing baseball caps, the absence of gloves and hats in cold weather during training is describe;
  • the player must be able to dress himself and tie his shoelaces, and parents should encourage and facilitate this;
  • after training, all players must helps collect all the inventory;
  • the player should wash after the lesson for a speedy recovery and good hygiene.

3.10. The person accompanying the child, observing the course of the training process, is obliged to comply with these rules of behavior:

  • accompanying persons during training and games can only be present in the tribunes – they can't go on the field or be outside the agreed place;
  • accompanying persons are obliged to show tact and respect for the coaching staff, the management of FC Stolitsa and the class, respond to comments and strictly comply with these rules;
  • smoking and drinking alcohol at the stadium is prohibited;
  • it is forbidden to talk on the phone during training, please turn off the sound of any gadgets during training;
  • it is forbidden bad language, talk loudly, distract of the players and coaches
  • the accompanying person hasn't  right to interfere in the training process;
  • the accompanying person can't exert any pressure on his or someone else's child;
  • any relationship with your child during the lesson should be agreement with the coach;
  • being drunk or drugged on the territory of the training forbid;
  • the distribution and promotion of smoking, drunkenness, drugs, as well as depraved and uncultured behavior, bad language, rudeness to coach, causing any bodily harm to other persons forbid;
  • the to do of actions that threaten the life or health of children forbid;

In case of violations of the above rules, the management of FC Stolitsa has the right to take measures relation a parent or an accompanying person from refusing to visit places of study to excluding a child from the club.




4. It is forbidden to have it in training

It is forbidden to have in training:

  • Weapons of all kinds, including gas, cold; combustible and explosive substances, knives and sharp objects, with the exception of items for sewing and personal hygiene.
  • Self-defense items (electric shock, gas devices, rubber batons, etc.).
  • Pyrotechnic toys (firecrackers, firecrackers, etc.), traumatic equipment (skateboards, roller skates, scooters, etc.) and toys that shoot plastic bullets
  • Perishable foods, cigarettes, lighters, matches and any kind of alcohol.
  • hard drugs. If it is necessary to use such medications, parents should transfer them to the coach and inform the conditions / schedule of admission.
  • Printed, audio/video/electronic products containing propaganda of immoral behavior, violence and pornography.

The coach of FC Stolitsa reserves the right to withdraw socially dangerous items and save them until the end of the lesson. Attempt to get (buy, "get") the above prohibited items, as well as the discovery of them in the child during the lesson, will be considered an illegal act.


5. Rules for the return of the child of the parent

Rules for returning the child to the legal representative at the end of the training:

5.1. Children finish training in an organized, at a time agreed in advance and area pass by the couch to the Parent (legal representative) or leave on their own. At the end of the training, the responsibility for the life and health of the child falls on the Parent (legal representative). In case of delay, the parent wars the coach and notifies the reason for the delay. The coach waits for the parents at the place of arrival for one hour and takes all measures to give the child to the next of kin (phone calls, departure to the address if possible). In case of impossibility of waiting, the coach has the right to transfer the coach to any other employee of FC Stolitsa. In case of a long time absence (1 hour or more), the coach has the right to pass the child to the nearest police station.

5.2. The parent has the right to apply with claims and offers to the office of FC Stolitsa, which will be considered within 30 days and response will be given.



6. Rules for the expulsion of a child

Rules for the expulsion of a child from FC Stulitsa:

6.1. The management of FC Stolitsa has the right to expulsion a child for the following reasons:

  • Rude violation of personal security measures, violation of the regime, independent leave from the training;
  • Theft, extortion, threats, cause of moral or physical damage by a child in relation to other children;
  • Causing significant intentional material damage to FC Stolitsa;
  • Use of alcohol, narcotic drugs, smoking;
  • Detection of medical contraindications or chronic diseases in a child that are not specified in the application or medical certificates, which may negatively affect his health during training sessions.
  • Spread und propaganda of smoking, drunkenness, drugs, as well as depraved and uncultured behavior, profanity, rudeness to coaches, causing any bodily harm to others.
  • To do actions that threaten the life or health of children or people;
  • Repeated violation of these rules;

6.2. When a child is expelled from FC Stolitsa, compensation for unused trainings isn't made.

6.3. The parents of the child are responsible for the damage caused to the property of FC Stolitsa in accordance with the procedure established by law.


7. Agreement

7.1. Send an application for a child to attend trainings at FC Stolitsa football school and paying a subscription for trainings at FC Stolitsa, the Parent agrees to the above set of rules and obliged to follow it.

7.2. The parent agrees and understands that responsibility for the life and health, protection of the interests of the child during trainings, when trip to games, tournaments, by any means of transport falls on the employees of LLC "The Planet of Sports" from the moment of transfer until his return to the Parent.